Learning the Genesis framework

I’ve worked with the backend of WordPress before, writing plugins and such but often times just “hacking the guts” and forcing WordPress to do what I want, instead of doing it the “right” way, which is what I’m trying to do now.  But now I’m focused on how to do things like creating custom page templates instead of modifying existing templates, load external CSS properly, etc.

And I’ve never been much of a front end guy (i.e. UI/UX, graphics, layout, etc) so I never really bothered to learn CSS – I’ve still always done things in HTML3 with tables and <font> settings which, to be honest with you, is embarrassing.  Actually, I could read CSS but I didn’t have much experience in implementing it myself.  However, in learning JavaScript and jQuery, I’m obviously forced to get up-to-speed rather quickly on CSS.

So really this project is about learning CSS, learning the right way to do things in WordPress, and learning the Genesis framework – all quite a bit to handle at once.  I’m not sure if it’s easier to know how to do things in WordPress and learning how to do them in Genesis, or if it’s best to just learn how to do it in Genesis and not understand how it’s done (or if it’s even possible) in WordPress.

Frankly, it’s pretty easy though.. I want to implement a feature – I have an idea what I need to do, a quick Google search points me in the right direction and it turns out to be trivially simple!