How to cook a great steak

NOTE: This only applies to “baseball-cut” steaks (aka really thick, hard to get the center cooked)

[My steaks are usually 14-16 oz filets so cut down the time for smaller steaks as needed]

1. 2-3 hours before you’re ready to start cooking, take the steaks out and season them generously (I use Siesel’s Meats San Diego seasoning: 4 types of
salt plus other stuff)

2. Pre-heat an oven to 425-500 and put a Pyrex dish in

3. Get a pan red hot (many use cast iron, I just use a regular one) for searing

4. Put a big pat of butter on top of each steak and throw into the pan

5. Sear for 2-3 mins each side (or as much char as you want) – I like the char so I actually roll mine around on all sides to get color/char all over
and soak up butter

6. Once you’re done searing, just use tongs to move them to the oven and bake them for 6-7-8 mins each side (depending on the size, and desired
temperature – aka “doneness”). I don’t know if you have to flip them, in the middle, but I do because I’m retarded like that (symetrical and all).

7. You can tell when they’re done by meat thermometer or by pressing on the top of them (takes practice)

8. You want to pull them slightly under your desired temperature, and then let them rest (under a tent to keep them warm if so desired)

Once you do this a couple of times, it becomes second nature. For as simple as this is though, you’ll find that all kinds of things can change the
result: oven temp fluctuation (especially if not gas), meat quality, the way the meat was cut (is it enlongated or more spheroid) missed cooking time,
etc. Always an adventure cooking meat..