Eric Anderson – – Seattle, WA



I am a senior unix sys admin and programmer who has proven marketing, billing, and ecommerce skills as well as personnel management skills. I have the ability to understand what the marketing needs are, and how to deliver them on the technical side.


OS: Linux, Solaris, BSD, Physical/Cloud
Admin: LAMP, DNS, HTTP, SSL/TLS, SMTP, POP/IMAP, SNMP, RAID/NFS/S3, load balancing
Database: Mysql, Postgres, MongoDB, Memcached, Backup, Replication
Programming: PHP, Perl, MVC/CodeIgniter, JavaScript/Ajax/jQuery, Git/Subversion, Bash, C/C++
API: Google, Facebook, WordPress, Foursquare, Twitter, Twilio, Paypal
Security: Penetration testing/audits, Firewalls, VPN, XSS/CSRF, SQL injection
Skills: Marketing, Ecommerce, Project Management

  • Operated as COO/CTO for a $2.5M+/year high traffic ecommerce company which included hiring/firing employees, working closely with the designers to meet the marketing needs, designing the architecture of major projects and overseeing the developers as they worked to complete those projects.
  • Designed a PCI DSS-compliant recurring credit card/ACH/EUdebit billing system that processes new transactions, fails over to backup billing systems, automatically schedules and bills recurring items, including admin management, customer service management, and client-side customer self-support with an integrated custom trouble ticket system.
  • Designed a complete affiliate marketing tracking system, tracking inbound clicks, displaying both admin and affiliate stats/graphs, payout reports, and more.
  • Designed an email marketing system that sends out custom html/text emails with open/bounce/click/unsubscribe tracking that interfaced with the affiliate program and the content management system.
  • Managed entire SEO process, including ensuring design work was SEO-optimized, overseeing copywriting, inbound link acquisition, monitoring analytics (bounce rate, page load speed, etc)
  • Explored all aspects of traffic generation through PPC, banners, paid links, social media, tube sites, email collecting, affiliate marketing and others.
  • Designed and implemented a custom multi-site, multi-lingual CMS built on templates integrated with the custom billing system.
  • Built and managed a multi-node (15+ servers) load balanced fault-tolerant web farm, including DNS, mail; established policies for patching, security reviews, backups, firewalls, and more.
  • Conducted security audits on internal and external audits of servers, services, code and internal business practices up to PCI DSS-level standards.
  • Contract management including negotiating leases, vendor agreements, service level agreements, freelance agreements, and dispute resolutions.
  • Managed two large remote IVR projects including planning, managing, maintenance.