This is the start of a new day

I’ve been wanting to start a personal blog since forever, and I just could never get the motivation to start.  Well, today’s the day!

One of the things that I stressed about was, what am I going to write?  What do I have to say?  Why should anyone even care?  Should I focus on one topic or theme?  I have friends who write specifically about things (the food they eat, the tech industry, etc) and I could never come up with just one thing I wanted to focus on, so this blog is going to jump around a lot.  I’ll cover some photography, thoughts on politics and the economy, the tech industry, maybe some hardware/software reviews, working out (which I plan to start again soon, and document!), thoughts on starting to consult again, getting more involved in the startup scene, potentially developing my own startup, and discussing Seattle, San Diego, and points beyond.  Whew!

So hopefully someone will be interested in reading about this stuff, but even if they don’t, I will still enjoy the clarity of putting my thoughts down.