Cooling Stand for Mac Book Pro from Mad Minds

I just wanted to pass along a tip to those of you with Mac Book Pros. As you well know, the bottom can get pretty hot, especially when it’s sitting in your lap! I had another cheap wedge-shaped plastic pad that I had doctored up with non-slip drawer lattice to keep it from sliding around. It actually worked great, but I ran across The Tilt from Mad Minds a while back:

The Tilt from Mad Minds

I had ordered it in mid-December and it was on backorder, but it finally arrived this week and it’s slick! ┬áIt clips on firmly to the bottom of the MBP, and it has a USB plug-in to power the fan which is remarkably capable of keeping things cool without adding too much thickness or weight to things.

I highly recommend it to anyone with a Mac Book Pro!