Pho Fuchsia in Pioneer Square

I’ve been on quite the “office shopping” trip lately, first trying out Office Nomads for a couple of months (details here), and now here at SURF Incubator. Part of the excitement of a new place is trying out all the nearby restaurants. There are quite a few options so far, but I’ve struggled to find a good pho/banh-mi joint close by (I need to explore the International District much more).

But I think I’ve found a very good stand-in for my pho cravings, Pho Fuchsia. I was pleasantly surprised at a solid chicken banh mi – not as good as Pho Mimi on Aurora, but better than anything else I’ve tried down here. And the pho tai (rare beef) was delicious. Broth was dark and flavored well. Beef was good quality and accoutrements were acceptable.

Service was solid, although the server did warn me that it gets massively busy during the lunch rush (I’m not surprised).

At any rate, this will probably become a once or twice a week spot for me – I definitely recommend it.